All You Need to Know About EC-1118: Is This the Ultimate Champagne Yeast?

All You Need to Know About EC-1118: Is This the Ultimate Champagne Yeast?

If you’re a fan of champagne or sparkling wine, you’re probably already familiar with yeast. Yeast is the microorganism that turns sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide, which creates the bubbles that make champagne and other sparkling wines so special. But not all yeasts are created equal when it comes to producing the perfect bottle of bubbly. One yeast that has gained a reputation as an ideal choice for making champagne and sparkling wine is EC-1118. Let’s dive into the details and answer the question: is EC-1118 a champagne yeast?

What is EC-1118?

EC-1118 is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a type of yeast that is commonly used in winemaking, brewing, and baking. It is a highly efficient strain of yeast that can ferment sugars quickly and completely. This means that it can create a high alcohol content and a dry wine, which is ideal for champagne and sparkling wine.

The strain was first isolated in the Champagne region of France in the 1970s and has since become a popular choice for wineries and home winemakers around the world. It is also known by its technical name, Prise de Mousse.

What Makes EC-1118 Ideal for Champagne?

Champagne and sparkling wine have specific characteristics that require a yeast that can handle the job. EC-1118 is a great choice for several reasons:

1. Quick and Complete Fermentation

Champagne needs to be fermented twice. The first fermentation creates the alcohol, and the second fermentation involves adding extra sugar and yeast to create the bubbles. EC-1118 is an efficient yeast strain that can handle both fermentations quickly and completely. This means that there is less risk of stuck fermentations or off-flavors.

2. Good Alcohol Tolerance

Because champagne has a higher alcohol content than most wines, the yeast needs to be able to handle higher levels of alcohol without dying off. EC-1118 has a high alcohol tolerance, which means that it can create a wine with a higher alcohol content without issues.

3. Low Nutrient Needs

EC-1118 is a robust yeast strain that doesn’t require a lot of nutrients to work well. This is especially important in sparkling wine production, where yeast can struggle with low nutrient levels.

4. Neutral Flavor Profile

One of the most important characteristics of a champagne yeast is a neutral flavor profile. The yeast shouldn’t contribute any distinct flavors or aromas to the wine. EC-1118 is known for its neutral flavor profile, which allows the wine’s other flavors and aromas to shine through.

Using EC-1118 for Winemaking

If you’re interested in using EC-1118 for winemaking, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Use Correctly

EC-1118 is a strong yeast strain that can easily overpower other yeasts if it is not used correctly. It’s important to pitch the yeast at the right time and in the right amount to avoid fermentation problems.

2. Monitor Temperature

Like all yeast strains, EC-1118 has an ideal temperature range for fermentation. It’s essential to monitor the temperature during fermentation to ensure that it stays within this range. Too high or too low of a temperature can lead to off-flavors or stuck fermentation.

3. Consider the Style of Wine

EC-1118 is a versatile yeast strain that can be used for a variety of wine styles. However, it is especially well-suited for wines that require a neutral flavor profile, high alcohol content, and complete fermentation. Consider the style of wine you’re making before deciding to use EC-1118.

Is EC-1118 a Champagne Yeast?

So, is EC-1118 a champagne yeast? The answer is yes and no. EC-1118 is not a traditional champagne yeast, like those used by big champagne houses in France. Those yeasts are often kept a closely guarded secret to maintain the unique flavor profile of the brand. However, EC-1118 is commonly used in sparkling wine production as an alternative to traditional champagne yeasts. It’s a popular choice because of its efficiency, neutral flavor profile, and versatility.


If you’re looking for a yeast strain to use for making champagne or sparkling wine, EC-1118 is definitely worth considering. It has a proven track record in the winemaking community for producing high-quality wine with a neutral flavor profile and complete fermentation. Just remember to use it correctly and monitor fermentation carefully to avoid any potential problems. With the right techniques and care, EC-1118 can help you create the perfect bottle of bubbly.

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