How Champagne Yeast from ASDA Can Take Your Homemade Wine To The Next Level

How Champagne Yeast from ASDA Can Take Your Homemade Wine To The Next Level

Are you a fan of homemade wine? Have you ever tried using champagne yeast? If not, you’re missing out! Yeast is a crucial ingredient in winemaking, and the right yeast can make all the difference in the flavor and quality of your wine. In this article, we’ll explore what champagne yeast is, how it differs from other yeast strains, and how you can purchase champagne yeast from ASDA to take your homemade wine to the next level.

What is Champagne Yeast?

Champagne yeast is a type of yeast that is used primarily in winemaking, specifically for making champagne or sparkling wine. This strain of yeast is known for its ability to ferment wine quickly and completely, resulting in a dry, crisp finish. It is also known for its ability to withstand high levels of alcohol, which is essential in making champagne, which can have alcohol levels of 12% or higher.

Most champagne yeast strains are derived from the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is the same species of yeast used in beer brewing, bread making, and many other culinary applications. However, champagne yeast strains have been specifically selected and cultivated for their ability to produce wines with the desired effervescence and flavor profile.

How Does Champagne Yeast Differ From Other Yeast Strains?

One of the main differences between champagne yeast and other yeast strains is its ability to ferment at low temperatures. While most yeast strains require temperatures of 68-77°F to ferment wine, champagne yeast can ferment at temperatures as low as 45°F. This is because champagne is traditionally fermented in cold cellars, and champagne yeast has evolved to withstand these cooler temperatures.

Another difference is the speed and completeness of fermentation. Champagne yeast is known for fermenting wine quickly and completely, leaving little residual sugar in the finished product. This is in contrast to some other yeast strains that may leave a sweeter finish. Additionally, champagne yeast is known for producing wines with a crisp, clean flavor profile, which is desirable in sparkling wines.

Why Should You Use Champagne Yeast in Your Homemade Wine?

If you’re making wine at home, using champagne yeast can have several benefits. First, it can ensure that your wine ferments completely, which can result in a higher alcohol content and a drier finish. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re making a dry white or sparkling wine.

Second, champagne yeast can produce wines with a distinct flavor profile. If you’re looking for a crisp, clean taste, champagne yeast is a great choice. Additionally, champagne yeast can produce wines with a slightly floral or fruity aroma, which can be desirable in certain styles of wine.

Finally, using champagne yeast can give your homemade wine a professional edge. By using a yeast strain that is specifically designed for winemaking, you can be sure that you’re producing high-quality wine that will impress your friends and family.

How to Purchase Champagne Yeast From ASDA

If you’re interested in purchasing champagne yeast from ASDA, the process is simple. You can visit your local ASDA store and look for champagne yeast in the baking aisle. Most champagne yeast strains come in small packets or sachets, which are typically enough for a 5-gallon batch of wine.

Alternatively, you can purchase champagne yeast online from the ASDA website. Simply search for “champagne yeast” in the search bar, and you’ll be presented with a selection of options. You can choose from different brands and strains of yeast, depending on your preferences and the style of wine you’re making.

It’s important to note that not all champagne yeast strains are created equal. Some strains may be better suited for certain styles of wine, while others may produce different flavor profiles. It’s a good idea to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality yeast strain that will work well for your needs.

Tips for Using Champagne Yeast in Your Homemade Wine

If you’ve decided to use champagne yeast in your homemade wine, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to ensure that your wine turns out great:

  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the yeast packet carefully. This will ensure that you’re using the right amount of yeast for your batch of wine.
  • Use a hydrometer to monitor the fermentation process. This will allow you to track the specific gravity of the wine and ensure that it’s fermenting properly.
  • Ferment your wine in a cool location to ensure that the yeast is working optimally. You may need to invest in a wine cooler or find a cool corner of your basement to make this happen.
  • Consider using a yeast nutrient or energizer to help the yeast ferment more efficiently. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re making a high-alcohol wine.
  • When in doubt, seek advice from a professional winemaker or home brewing expert. They can provide guidance and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the winemaking process.


Champagne yeast is a great choice for home winemakers looking to take their wine to the next level. With its ability to ferment quickly and completely, produce a distinct flavor profile, and withstand high alcohol levels, champagne yeast is an excellent choice for making sparkling wines, dry whites, and other styles of wine. By purchasing champagne yeast from ASDA and following the tips outlined in this article, you can produce high-quality wine that will impress your friends and family. Happy fermenting!

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